We are the company founders, and designers, Jody and Zach Zorn. We have been long-time freelance photographers and luxury furniture designers who have been commissioned for projects all around the globe...and then...queue COVID-19....

With lock-downs, travel at a complete halt, and people holding off on booking any kind of new projects at all, Jody and Zach knew they needed to re-direct their creativity to survive. They also deeply wanted to find a way to give back and help fight COVID, help the front-line heroes, and the recovery effort that will be needed after this passes as well.

When discussing the new direction of starting a unique gift company with Jody's parents, and all of the chaos of the Toilet Paper-ocolypse, (which we are all able to look back on with a bit of humor now) Jody's father mentioned, "what about a ring that looks like toilet paper?" And that sparked the idea, instead of a literal translation, what if we could make a ring out of actual toilet paper?! And boom, the "I love you more than toilet paper" jewelry line was born! After a few trials we figured out a way to preserve actual toilet paper and create gorgeous one of a kind jewelry pieces that will literally become a piece of history, and also spread a message of love. In a time when we can't hug everyone, we can still send gifts that remind people they are loved, and in someone's thoughts.  (And don't worry, this a toilet paper hoarding-free creation, it takes less than one roll of toilet paper to make hundreds of jewelry pieces, so no need to get your tp in a bunch about this ;-)

After creating the actual toilet paper jewelry, the hieroglyphic design, and other covid inspired gift ideas kept flowing. Laughter through tears is one of the best emotions, and that's what Alastair Gray Gift Company is all about right now; bringing a smile to people through a chaotic time of epic historical proportions!

We thank you for the interest in our company, and we love you all more than toilet paper!

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