He may not be Luke's Father (or maybe he is!) but he's the best Dad in the galaxy! This 3 piece gray-tone wood and stainless steel grill set can be made with Star Wars inspired puns in Star Wars inspired Fonts...or we can personalize this set just about anything you can think of! Handwriting, drawings, or typed personal messages.

The set includes, a spatula, fork, tongs, and come fixed to an engraved wood board. We haven't included a case, because in reality not many grill masters are going to put their tools back in a case. They will be right there with their grill!

The Star Wars version includes these engraved message on each tool: May the Fork Be With You, A Tong Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, and Jedi Burger Flip

Please feel free to message with any questions, and May the Fork Be With You!


*The handles are natural wood and may have color or grain pattern variations

Galactic Grill Set